About Us


123lotto.ca is a web based platform, designed to gradually help transit lottery into the digital age through its mobile and desktop based site. It was developed to help drive the Canadian and US lottery industry by archiving all past and present lottery information from all registered and licensed operators, while also helping users predict and forecast next possible outcome its lottery, all from the comfort of their mobile devices. Thereby helping stakers increase their winning accuracy, while operators get increased trust and patronage from the lotto players.

In today's digital economy, we are driven by 3 core principles: Ease of use, Convenience and Affordability for the customer. We are passionate about customer engagement and we believe that 123lotto.ca will prove a valuable addition to the customers decision making process...

All previous results on 123lotto.ca have been compiled from publicly available data and we have spent a considerable amount of time collating and verifying this information with operators and continue to do to ensure its continued completeness, accuracy and timeliness.

We would also like to point out that 123lotto.ca is NOT a licensed operator, we do not own or draw any lottery games and are not licensed to do so in the Canada and US . Our role is simply to serve you better so that you can make better informed betting decisions for licensed operators.